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Mysid shrimp for sale to feed fish and aquariums.

Buy Mysid or Mysis shrimp to seed your tank and get the best sized feeder shrimp for your saltwater reef tank.


Get live Mysid feeder shrimp to supply your seahorses with the best most nutritious live fish food.


Aquacultured Marine or saltwater Mysid shrimp source available for sale.


Mysid require overnight shipping.


Express shipping is free for orders over $150. Otherwise please choose 1 day shipping at check out for live Mysid.


Mysid also called opossum shrimp and Amphipods are seahorses natural prey organisms, seahorses in the wild are used to eating Amphipods and Mysid shrimp to supply their dietary needs.



 Why is ANF the best place to buy live Mysid or Mysis shrimp?

We have a constant dependable supply available. Mysid or Mysis feeders cultures are ready to ship when you need them. If you are raising or breeding saltwater marine fish and invertebrates you can depend on us to provide a constant supply of Mysid shrimp.

Affordable source of aquacultured Mysid shipped to your door. Now you can establish a Mysid breeding colony in your Reef Tank and refugium.

Mysid shrimp will live and breed in cracks and crevices in your live rock and will come out at night when it's safe and eat uneaten food and fish waste thus helping to maintain  water quality.

 Americamysis Bahia common name opossum Mysis or Mysid shrimp are highly nutritious food for reef fish.

We are the industry leader in producing aquacultured marine Mysid shrimp also known as Mysis feeder shrimp.

We have the largest live inventory of Mysid  shrimp available on demand. Catering to home hobbyists, Laboratories, University case studies, aquaculture facilities, and state aquariums.


Mysid shrimp are a great seahorse food and fish food. Great addition to the coral reef saltwater aquarium.


Saltwater mysid shrimp grow up to 3/8” or 7mm  long. Common names for them are Possum shrimp or sometimes called Mysis shrimp.


Mysid carry their babies in a brood pouch until they are a perfectly formed replica of the parent. Then the female mysid releases them.

We are providing these mysid shrimp cultures as a feed item, and also for seeding established marine saltwater aquarium tanks and refugiums.


Due to high demands on some weeks, Mysid cultures can sometimes take a week to ship from the day you place your order.

This rarely happens but if this is the case, we will notify you or you can email and ask us at

We will try our best to accommodate your immediate shipping requirements.

Mysid shrimp require to be shipped Fed Ex overnight. Mysid ship on Tues,Wed,Thurs.


It is normal to have up to 25% mortality rate when you receive the Mysid. We add 25% extra to the counts ordered.

100% Live arrival guarantee or replaced for free.

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I was hoping for larger shrimp
Written by Wendell Perkins on 17th Nov 2016

Quality is great. I got the package on time, they appeared healthy and there many more than I paid for. The description mentions the adult shrimp size, but you will be buying juveniles. All except one of them were the size of adult brine shrimp. My hunger striking seahorse did go after them, but could have eaten them all in one day. If you are looking for adult seahorse food, maybe choose another option. Response: All the cultures of Live Mysid Shrimp we ship are adult size as stated on the description page. You received Mysid shrimp adults full grown at 3/8" in length. Adult marine Mysid are full sized at 3/8" length. Live Mysid and Amphipods are the natural prey animal for seahorses in the wild. Mysid make the best seahorse food, seahorses eat constantly all day long, so they can deplete 100 Mysid in short order. Specially when the Mysid and adult seahorses are confined in a small glass box we call our aquariums. We always add quite a bit extra counts in our Mysid orders when we pack them.

Delivered the day Hurricane Mathew!
Written by undefined on 12th Oct 2016

Not even a hurricane kept ANF from delivering mysids when I needed them ASAP for a baby cuttlefish! They arrived on the other side of the country in better condition than I would have guessed. I'm impressed. I have been wanting to try hatching baby cuttles from the egg and now that I know I have a reliable source for mysids, I am greatly encouraged.