Arctic Pods Dry Copepods

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Buy Arctic Pods Whole Dry Copepods. Get Copepods with Free Shipping.

Reasons to Buy Arctic Copepods.

Get all the benefits of our live and liquid fish foods in a convenient dry form.

These whole dried copepods are preserved in a dehydrated form in a whole state to retain all or most of the nutritious properties of the live organism. These are the next best thing to live. We use these to prepare supplemental diets for our live stock & also to condition our fish for breeding.

ALL NATURAL, CAROTENOID-RICH COPEPODS: Low-temp drying process preserves the freshness and nutritional properties of this vital resource for aquarists. These nutrient-rich, micro crustaceans are a flavorful treat for your salt and freshwater fish and corals. You will immediately notice a heightened feeding response, increase in appetite, & an all around more energetic reaction, when you first start to feed these types of feed to your aquarium inhabitants.

This fish food enhances and strengthens your fish immune system to help protect them from common diseases that eventually in the long run, afflict our guests in our aquariums.

This fish food has incredibly high levels of carotenoids (astaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, echinenone).  This product is dried using low-temperatures to preserve these valuable anti-oxidants and color enhancing properties.  Feed directly or as an additive.  Add a veritable blast of natural carotene to your DIY diets.

Proximate Analysis:  Protein, 65%; Fat, 9%; Ash, 12%; Chitin, 3%; Salt (NaCl), 9.5%; Astaxanthin, 400 ppm.

These natural diets are what gives health and longevity to our captive animals.