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Buy the best Copepod Food for sale grown at rusalty.

Phytopreme Live copepod food is highly concentrated blend of 6 live phytoplankton types.

Aquacultured in our lab specifically containing the best mix of phyto to feed and grow your copepod cultures and feed your copepods in your saltwater aquarium.

This copepod food is also great for feeding many other animals like rotifers, filter feeding corals and inverts like sponges and gargonians, clams of all types.

Get your copepods and copepod food to go with it so you can increase pods densities in your saltwater aquarium tank.

The juvenile stages of Amphipods and Tisbe copepods also will benefit from routine infusions of live Copepod food.

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Written by Susan on 25th Apr 2022

Very happy with these live food.

great food
Written by Brutsey on 7th Apr 2022

great option for pods