Pod Haven Copepod Amphipod Habitat

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Why buy Pod haven. Copepod Habitat and Amphipod hotel provides the ideal home to encourage population explosions of amphipods and copepods.

The Pod Haven is the ideal Seahorse Feeding Station.

Want to have your micro fauna, copepods and amphipods establish breeding colonies faster and start reproducing in large numbers?

The POD HAVEN is what you need.

You receive a Dragons tongue macro ball 5"-7" diameter like in the pics.

Get the best Amphipod Haven or Copepod haven. Natural Hardy strain of Macro algae that grows in the shape of a tight ball.

Our Dragons tongue macro balls are easy to keep and do not require any special care or lighting etc..

Place this natural Pod Haven anywhere in your reef tank and it will stay there and grow. Place it in your refugium or sump to establish the best habitat for encouraging amhpipod and copepods population explosions.

Maintain a steady supply of live fish and coral food for your pets like mandarin fish, seahorses etc. the easy way.


Pod Amphipod Haven provides the ideal surface area environment for benthic zooplankton to really flourish in greater numbers in your system.

Great way to incorporate live zooplankton into your aquarium.

This habitat attracts pods like a magnet. If you already have some in your system, you will begin to see them nesting/congregating in the Pod Haven within a weeks time. 
Seahorses, Mandarin Dragonets, and fish love to graze on this habitat, picking zooplankton throughout the day. 
Use this for a Seahorse feeding station. Seahorse will get used to hunting the live plankton that congregates in the Pod Haven.
Baby newborn fish fry will use this to shelter from predation and they will be less stressed because they feel protected when they hide in the Haven’s folds. 

Biological Filter:

This Pod Haven is an excellent biological filter. Providing a lot of surface area for aerobic bacteria to colonize and settle, thus making it an excellent nitrifying filter (processing harmful ammonia) produced by waste.

Easy way to harvest your pods on demand.

No more siphoning and chasing pods around trying to catch enough for your needs. Easily harvest up to hundreds of pods in minutes.

A no fuss, no mess practical way to catch/ harvest pods when you need them. If you need to feed live pods to your main tank; if you need an effective practical way to harvest pods to feed to fish that your breeding; if you are trying your hand at culturing pods; then this is a great way to harvest them. Easy and effortless.  When you need some live zooplankton to feed your corals, fish, and seahorses, just remove the Pod Haven.  Hold over a bowl of water and gently squeeze and shake until you have the desired amount of pods.  Great for placing in the refugium or separate culture tank.