Pods 100 and Tisbe 16oz

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Amphipod and Copepod combos with free shipping, get the 2 best live prey items to feed saltwater aquariums.

Amphipods 100cnt and Tisbe Copepods 16oz for sale.


Saltwater pods provide many necessary benefits to keeping healthy coral, fish, macro algae in captivity.



Amphipods are an important source of live nutrition for saltwater animals like Anthias, Midas Blenny and Seahorses.


Aquacultured Amphipods produce thousands of newly born nauplii and juveniles of all sizes including sub-adults to populate the reef tank aquarium.

Fish of all sizes will be able to hunt and eat the Amphipods of varying sizes.


arrive alive or free replacement.

Product Reviews

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Written by vicki on 13th Nov 2020

Fast shipping! Pods were alive. After I added to my tank the skimmer went wild and overflowed with bubbles. Looked like detergent was put in the tank but corals and livestock are doing good. No adverse effects. I will definitely order again.

Pods - Arrived Alive
Written by Travis on 9th Oct 2020

All came alive, and well packed! I will order again.

Pods - Arrived Alive
Written by Travis on 8th Oct 2020

I ordered the Pods and have tried in the past with others, but I was always met with dead pods. These arrived well packed and alive. I will order again!