Pods 250 and Tisbe 16oz

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Get the two best live prey for saltwater fish and seahorses in one convenient combo pack.

Best prices for Amphipods and Copepods available online.

Amphipods 250cnt and Tisbe Copepods 16oz for sale.


Amphipods provide many necessary benefits to keeping healthy coral, fish, macro algae in captivity.


Amphipods allow these animals to thrive and grow to their full potential in the confines of the saltwater aquarium.


Amphipods are an important source of live nutrition for saltwater animals like Mandarin Goby and Seahorses.


Aquacultured Amphipods will readily thrive in the reef tank aquarium and set up breeding colonies, producing thousands of newly born nauplii and juveniles of all sizes including sub-adults. Fish of all sizes will be able to hunt and eat the Amphipods of varying sizes.


arrive alive or free replacement.

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Amphipods and Tisbe Copedpods
Written by Robert Riccio on 31st Jan 2020

I purchase this combination on a regular basis to feed my fish and corals. My fish lose their minds when I add amphipods to the tank. I typically save a batch for when the lights go out. Those will make it into the rocks to help keep them clean but eventually will get eaten by my wrasse. All of my fish will also eat the copepods, but I primarily get them for my corals. I'll do the same and add some with lights on and then the rest after they go out. Really good stuff and the quality from ANF is always outstanding!