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White Shrimp Juveniles


(Penaeus duorarum)

Aquacultured in USA

Saltwater Feeders or Marine Feeder Shrimp for sale.

Common name: White/ Pink/ Brown Shrimp. They come in different colors with some of them having bright red tail stripes. Colors are subtle just a slight tinge. These are the same shrimp that grow to 6 + inches as adults that are for food grade.

Size 7mm- 10mm


We have been developing a practical method of culturing these shrimp for the past 8 years here at the nursery.

We have finally succeeded in developing a reliable closed recirculating culture system.


You can grow these easily in your own separate culture tank or aquarium and feed them some protein rich food 2-3 times daily and watch them grow at a phenomenal speed. 

Saltwater White shrimp juveniles are hardy and easy to grow to larger sizes to feed larger fish.



We are excited to finally have these shrimp available in large enough quantities to feed to our live stock. Offering them to the public for many uses in our home aquariums and for fish breeding programs.


Our RUSALTY feeder shrimp are state approved and certified pathogen free and approved for human consumption.


Each batch is inspected by the state veterinarian  and certified before leaving our facility and packaged shipped to your door.


To be used as food for saltwater aquariums and reef tanks. To feed animals such as seahorses, juvenile cuttlefish and many more.


Never before offered to the aquarium trade.


Excellent source of live forage protein for fish diets.


We are culturing juvenile food - type shrimps for Marine reef aquariums.

Use these for feeding animals that are not used to eating non live food.

Also use these as a treat for your aquarium fish when they get bored with their daily non - live food.


Excellent feed for Seahorses, frog fish, angler fish, groupers, jaw fish, Eels any fish that eats meat can’t resist a shrimp meal.

Many times, fish that are collected in the wild go through a lot of rough handling, and are kept housed for extended periods of time before we get them at the local aquarium store. So due to stress and many days of disorientation, they can lose their appetites and not want to start eating again. This usually leads to their early demise.

If you have a problem with a wild caught fish specimen that is difficult to get to eat, try feeding some of these shrimp to try to kick start it’s instinct for feeding again until you can slowly teach/ acclimate it to eat frozen and then liquid or dry foods.

The nutritional value of this shrimp species is off the scale because they are a larger species growing up to 8 inches in length in the wild. They have high protein levels and many vitamins. Also since your fish are eating a live feed they ingest natural live enzymes and other elements that preserved or frozen shrimp do not have. Freezing and preserving diminishes many of these nutritional qualities.

They are a bit expensive to constantly have on hand to feed to our aquariums but we believe they are essential to the well being of our captive kept fish. So we recommend to feed these at least once or twice a month, as a supplement to the regular diet your fish get. Similarly, we can’t afford to go out and eat seafood all the time but we know that every once in a while it’s good to eat seafood so we can have a varied diet.

Try feeding some of these and watch your fish light up with excitement when you introduce these shrimp to your tank. You can purchase some extras and keep them stored indefinitely in your sump or refugium. They are very hardy. They are detritus eaters and scavengers. So they have multiple functions like cleaning your filters, eating fish waste, and helping in all-round maintenance in the marine tank. They will eat nuisance algae, while they are waiting to become tasty morsels for our fish in the display tank.

Available to Ship:
January 20

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Seahorses Devoured These!
Written by DanIel Canter on 5th Mar 2021

These were so great! First time I purchased. Plenty in the container and very active. My seahorses had a field day hunting these down and gobbled them all up! Happy ponies= happy owner! Thanks guys!!

white shrimp
Written by franklin falango on 12th Dec 2020

arrived in timely fasion well packaged only a few doaalone in 75 gal tank with just a few black mollie fry to small to eat them so hopefully they will grow out

White Shrimp
Written by Patrick Hess on 20th Nov 2020

While they were smaller than I thought they would be (I did not do proper research first) they all arrived healthy and with any luck will start a colony in my tanks if they are not all eaten right away.