Sieve Sets Stackable 12"

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Sieve Set Stackable 12" plankton collector for sale.

RUSALTY sieves for sale are all stackable, micron mesh fabric, of all diameters and all micron mesh sizes.

Sieves available for sale for all applications in aquaculture ,laboratory use, and home aquarium cultures.


Buy sieves and grow your own Mysid shrimp and Copepod Cultures.

This sieve fits over the lip of a 5 gallon bucket. As you can see in the pictures, it has a lip to fit snugly and secure, right on top of the pail. Bucket in pics not included.

Sieve has many uses: Culturing Zooplankton, rotifer culture, rinsing unwanted pests from corals, cleaning live rock, catching baby fish fry,and many more uses. Very convenient.

Good for Copepods, Brine Shrimp, Rotifers, Raising Seahorse fry, Clownfish fry, Goby fish fry,

If are dosing our Reef Soup copepod mix plankton make sure you have a set of our saltwater aquarium sieves.

Run your waist water through the sieve when you do water changes so you catch the pods and don't loose them.

Also a great way to check how many copepods you have in your marine coral reef  display tank. So you know when it's time to order your fresh batch of Reef Soup, Saltwater copepod mix. :)