Pods 1000 and Tisbe 32oz

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Tisbe Pods for Sale. Amphipods 1000cnt and Tisbe Copepods 32oz for sale $79 with Free shipping no minimum purchase.

Get Tisbe Pods and Amphipods combined in one convenient pack and save.

Best source for live Tisbe Pods on the net delivered fresh to your door.



Replenish the zooplankton living in your live rock and refugium to revitalize your reef tank aquarium.

Give your fish and corals the best live food at affordable prices.


Amphipods provide many necessary benefits to keeping healthy coral, fish, macro algae in captivity.

Sea Sponges benefit greatly from co living with Amphipods and Tisbe pods. These two animals are naturaly atracted to sponges since it's in their genetic make up to live together with sponges in the oceans reef systems.


Amphipods allow these animals to thrive and grow to their full health potential in the confines of the saltwater aquarium.


Amphipods are an important source of live fish food nutrition for saltwater animals like Mandarin Goby and Seahorses and all other fish and coral.


Aquacultured Amphipods will readily thrive in the reef tank aquarium and set up breeding colonies, producing thousands of newly born nauplii and juveniles of all sizes including sub-adults. Fish of all sizes will be able to hunt and eat the Amphipods of varying sizes.


Amphipods best optimum habitat is sponges or live macro algae, saltwater plants algae like chaeto, Caulerpa,feather,gracilaria, ogo,prolifera and all types. Amphipods lead a symbiotic relationship with macro algae, they live and set up nests in the algae and keep the nuisance algae from overcoming the macro algae by scraping and eating the coating algae from the macro algae. This allows the macro algae to grow to it’s potential in your refugium or sump and main display aquarium tank.

Best food for Amphipods is our Amphipod food.

We are starting to realize the importance of micro fauna on our planet. The life on our planet is dependent on the energy we receive from our sun. This energy needs to be converted to a usable form. First step in this chain of reaction is the smallest micro algae or single celled phytoplankton. Once the energy is converted to green matter or vegetable matter then the next organisms in the planet’s life cycle feeds on the live phyto. These organisms are the Copepods and Amphipods which are the most numerous on the planet.

Amphipods and Copepods considered zooplankton, further convert this energy to the next level which is able to be consumed by larger animals like fish and mammals eventually culminating in food for humanity.

It stands to reason that when considering our captive kept reef tank and saltwater aquarium we should have a proportionate amount of live plankton populations like Amphipods and Copepods living in our tanks.

Amphipod cultures should be regularly introduced to our aquarium tanks because they can get depleted if there are enough hungry predators.

Get larger portions of Amphipods and copepod combos in our combo category.

arrive alive or free replacement.