Pods 500 and Tisbe 32oz

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Live Copepods and Amphipods combo packs are the best food for dwarf seahorses.

Buy Amphipods 500cnt and Tisbe Copepods 32oz for $59 with Free shipping. 

Keep you dwarf seahorse happy and healthy and encourage breeding behavior that only occurs when the dwarf seahorse has enough nutrients in the diet.


When you buy seahorses for sale on line or at your local aquarium store you will need the necessary live food and other habitat organisms like macro algae and saltwater grass to set up a proper environment for your seahorse.



 Amphipods lead a symbiotic relationship with macro algae, they live and set up nests in the algae and keep the nuisance algae from overcoming the macro algae by scraping and eating the coating algae from the macro algae.


This allows the macro algae to grow to it’s potential in your refugium or sump and main display aquarium tank.


Aquacultured Amphipods will readily thrive in the reef tank aquarium and set up breeding colonies, producing thousands of newly born nauplii and juveniles of all sizes including sub-adults. Fish of all sizes will be able to hunt and eat the Amphipods of varying sizes.


Amphipods provide many necessary benefits to keeping healthy coral, fish, macro algae in captivity.




Amphipods best optimum habitat is live macro algae, saltwater plants algae like chaeto, Caulerpa,feather,gracilaria, ogo,prolifera and all types.



arrive alive or free replacement.