Keep your live rock free of nuisance hair algae and Aiptasia anemone.

Emerald crabs are a great addition to the saltwater clean up crew.

Peaceful crabs will not bother other tank inhabitants like snails and other members of the clean up crew. emerald crabs keep to themselves and are totally reef safe. Will help keep your live rock and corals nice and clean so  they can grow healthy. Combine these with snails to assemble your maintenance cleaner crew for your reef aquarium. 

Buy Peppermint shrimp also known as cleaner shrimp.

Get rid of Aiptasia anemone. Peppermint shrimp love to eat Aiptasia anemone.

Buy Porcelain crabs for Sale with Free Shipping.

Another very peaceful animal, great addition to the clean up crew.

Peppermint shrimp eat waste and will actually set up cleaning stations to rid your fish of parasites. So peppermint shrimp perform multi tasks in the reef aquarium.

Porcelain crabs are a hardy easy to keep addition to the saltwater aquarium reef tank.